Sta­t­ic was a very per­son­al and intense per­for­mance. The pro­duc­tion had a cast of one (!) and took place in a motel room with an audi­ence of no more than 12 peo­ple. To help pre­pare peo­ple for this inti­ma­cy I used a great Sarah Bork Hamil­ton pho­to­graph of the actor lay­ing on a bed, star­ing direct­ly at the view­er, in the same motel room that the per­for­mance takes place. Draw­ings of key items from the script were lay­ered on the image (dif­fer­ent items on the post­card and poster) and a nice big red square is uncom­fort­ably posi­tioned over half of the actor’s face.

Static, poster Static, postcard front Static, postcard back
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