This per­for­mance was a series of improv mono­logues inspired by pro­fes­sion­al foot­ball. Now, I don’t know much about foot­ball but one thing I do know is that I like the look of my own hand­writ­ing. My oth­er favorite ele­ment on this project was cre­at­ing the lit­tle logo in the bot­tom-right cor­ner for the fic­tion­al Pro­fes­sion­al Foot­ball League (the PFL!). And I was extreme­ly for­tu­nate to have received the assis­tance of Mr. Sav­ille in cre­at­ing that mean look­ing logo for the Oma­ha Oxen (also fic­tion­al, by the way). Grrrr.

The reject­ed design (on the right) is includ­ed here because it’s cool and I’m real­ly fond of it. So there.

Unbeaten, poster Unbeaten (rejected design)
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