From the Pig Pile: The Requisite Gesture(s) of Narrow Approach

This SVT poster comes to you from the damp attic of an aban­doned 19th cen­tu­ry ship­ping yard by way of an old West adver­tise­ment. Anachro­nis­tic jum­ble!

From the Pig Pile…

Back­ground image (before re-col­or­ing) is a black and white pho­to of a paint­ing of the S.S. Pots­dam, Hol­land Amer­i­can Line paint­ed by Fred Pans­ing (1854–1912) and is pub­lic domain. High res­o­lu­tion image cour­tesy of our Library of Con­gress.

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