Bright Now Beyond

The orig­i­nal direc­tion for Joma­ma Jones’ musi­cal adap­ta­tion of Frank Baum’s The Mar­velous Land of Oz was a vaude­ville-inspired poster but end­ed up as a qua­si-hybrid of west­ern show­cards and a Black Spar­row book cov­er. Two great tastes.

Poster (11×17) and Post­card (5.5×8.5)
Bright Now Beyond

Source image notes:
1. Fore­ground image of the Amer­i­can Crow comes from plate 156 of Audubon’s Birds of Amer­i­ca, 1861 and is pub­lic domain. The orig­i­nal image is a beau­ti­ful chro­mo­ligho­traph which has been cropped and degrad­ed with a real­ly rough halftone. (For­give me, Mr. Audubon!)
2. Back­ground but­ter­flies come cour­tesy of plate 10 from the 1895 Ger­man book Europas bekan­nteste Schmetter­linge. Beschrei­bung der wichtig­sten Arten und Anleitung zur Ken­nt­nis und zum Sam­meln der Schmetter­linge ind Rau­pen (Europe’s best-known but­ter­flies. Descrip­tion of key species and guid­ance notes on col­lect­ing of but­ter­flies and cater­pil­lars), F. Nemos and is in the pub­lic domain. The orig­i­nal image is beau­ti­ful­ly col­ored and once again I’ve reduced it to a sin­gle-col­or halftone (except for the spe­cial one in the top-right cor­ner). View a PDF of the entire vol­ume.

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