Thr3e Zisters

Thr3e Zis­ters is SVT’s zom­bie adap­ta­tion of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sis­ters. Antique pho­togravure and pho­to­graph of vin­tage dolls are recol­ored in a con­tem­po­rary and uncom­fort­able palette. Title typog­ra­phy built from 19th cen­tu­ry engrav­ings of sur­gi­cal imple­ments.

Poster (11×17) and Post­card (5.5×8.5); Title Art Detail

Thr3e Zisters thr3ezisters_titleart

Source image notes:
1. Top pho­to­graph of creepy Vic­to­ri­an dolls was tak­en by myself at Pollock’s Toy Muse­um in Lon­don, Eng­land on April 26, 2008.
2. Bot­tom image is a pho­togravure enti­tled Avant l’opération salon de 1887 by Hen­ri Gervex (1852–1929) of a young woman about to under­go an oper­a­tion and is in the pub­lic domain. View the uncropped image in its orig­i­nal col­ors at the U.S. Nation­al Library of Med­i­cine.

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