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    Many of the cor­re­spond­ing images that illus­trate the fol­low­ing projects are still being “processed”. Please check back lat­er if there are no pic­tures under a project you are inter­est­ed in view­ing. Also, descrip­tions are forth­com­ing.


Party on the Vanguard, 2013

Par­ty on the Van­guard is the annu­al fundrais­er (extrav­a­ganza). The 2013 event fell pret­ty close to Hal­loween so Día de Muer­tos was the theme. Nine­teenth-cen­tu­ry wood type (nat­u­ral­ly) and a skull water­mark effect were employed to the delight of prac­ti­cal­ly every­one involved.

Post­card (8.5×3.667)

Party on the Vanguard 2013 postcard

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Pinkos? Cold war? Ice­bergs? Get it? Eh, whad­da you know…

Poster (17×11); Austin Chron­i­cle ad (2.375×2.55); Lob­by posters (36×24)

Pinkolandia Poster/Postcard Pinkolandia Austin Chronicle ad Pinkolandia lobby poster (1 of 2) Pinkolandia lobby poster (2 of 2)

Polar Bear (Ursus Mar­itimus) Engrav­ing, Artist unknown, cir­ca 1800.

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Jomama Jones: Radiate

Descrip­tion com­ing soon. But for now please enjoy this place­hold­er text:

Duis mol­lis, est non com­mo­do luc­tus, nisi erat port­ti­tor ligu­la, eget lacinia odio sem nec elit. Nul­la vitae elit libero, a phare­tra augue. Eti­am por­ta sem male­sua­da magna mol­lis euis­mod. Aenean eu leo quam. Pel­len­tesque ornare sem lacinia quam vene­natis vestibu­lum.

Orig­i­nal pho­to­graph (before I went nuts with the col­ors) by Nisha Sond­he.

Poster (11×17) and Post­card (5.5×8.5):
Radiate poster

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SVT @ Fusebox 2013

A quick lit­tle card to pro­mote SVT’s par­tic­i­pa­tion in the 2013 Fuse­box fes­ti­val. Guest by Cour­tesy was a full pro­duc­tion in 2011 and we have a small piece of that poster with its title art on the left side. On the right to pro­mote Riv­er of Gru­el is an actu­al pho­to­graph of some­one point­ing at Sasquatch in the woods. This deci­sion will be val­i­dat­ed once you see the per­for­mance.

Post­card (4×4)

SVT @ Fusebox 2013 Card, Front SVT @ Fusebox 2013 Card, Back
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Salon Vanguard 2012

Salon Van­guard is one of the annu­al soirées that SVT hosts. And yes, the logo is wear­ing a gigan­tic Marie Antoinette wig. Why wouldn’t it?

Post­card (8.5×5.5)
Salon Vanguard 2012

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Dream Cabinet

A poster for a creepy per­for­mance-slash-art exhib­it sched­uled around Hal­loween set and per­formed in an old Vic­to­ri­an house. I was pro­vid­ed with some love­ly pho­tographs by Eri­ca Nix. Most were black and white and many of them were dou­ble-expo­sures which made the fig­ures real­ly ghost-like. I con­vert­ed my favorite pho­to­graph into a yellow/orange/purple tri­tone to make a rich foun­da­tion for the vivid yel­low and white type and rules to shine. The col­ors are nice and uncom­fort­able while not play­ing off the usu­al black/orange Hal­loween palette.

Poster (11×17) and Post­card (5.5×8.5):
Dream Cabinet

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Party on the Vanguard, 2012

Par­ty on the Van­guard is the annu­al fundrais­er (extrav­a­gan­za). This design is a real­ly sim­ple and bold procla­ma­tion of what/when/cost. 2 dif­fer­ent lay­outs — ver­ti­cal (snail-mail post­card) and hor­i­zon­tal (email).

PotV 2012, vertical PotV 2012, horizontal
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Civilization (All You Can Eat)

How about I just quote from the play descrip­tion:

Set against the 2008 Oba­ma cam­paign, this dark com­e­dy explores the lives of sev­en city dwellers look­ing for more. A frus­trat­ed film­mak­er, a sui­ci­dal com­ic, a career wait­ress, an ama­teur porn star, a failed aca­d­e­m­ic, a fame-hun­gry actress, and a fer­al fac­to­ry hog all pass under the gaze of an indif­fer­ent uni­verse.

Poster (11×17):
Civilization, poster

Huge thanks to the fol­low­ing for the images used in the poster and post­card:

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Salon Vanguard, 2011

The Salon Van­guard is one of the annu­al par­ties host­ed by SVT. This was to be a par­tic­u­lar­ly classy par­ty and I’m par­tic­u­lar­ly pleased with myself for putting a silk hat atop the logo. Elit­ist? Well, I nev­er!

Post­card (8.5×5.5):
Salon Vanguard 2011, postcard

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Guest By Courtesy

This was a blast to design with these awe­some pho­tos by Eri­ca Nix. It was so much fun I insist­ed on dif­fer­ent lay­outs for post­card and poster to high­light dif­fer­ent pho­tos. Plus I got to chan­nel Pablo Fer­ro while draw­ing the title.

Guest By Courtesy, poster Guest By Courtesy, postcard
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